A Magical Journey

Our lanterns will bring you into a magical realm that breathes vitality and life into your home.
4 Seasons, 4 lanterns, 4 breathtaking landscapes. Our lanterns allow you to surround and immerse yourself in nature without leaving your home. Rediscover our earth, allow Seasonal Spirit to bring you on a journey through our wonderful world in a celebration of life and nature.

Spring Renewal


A symbol of rebirth and restoration, Spring Renewal is a beautiful reminder of how it all began. This captivating scene will awaken your home and bring forth a new assortment of colors and blooms. Allow the miracle of life to renew your optimism in all that is good.

Summer Dream


Inspired by the mysteries of nature, our Summer Lantern will invoke a dream-like mood. This mesmerizing scene of soft lighting with fill your home with warmth. This mystic and enthralling light show is an engaging experience for people of all ages.

Autumn Flurry


Experience all that’s amazing about this season with the spectacular Autumn lantern. This immersive scene will forever shape the way you view the color wheel or reds, yellows & orange. Allow Earth’s incredible life cycle to bring peace to the change of times.

Winter Tale


A calming stillness will wash over you with our captivating Winter Lantern. This charming scene is sure to bring the spirit of the holiday season right into your home. Allow the soothing properties of the gently falling snow to rekindle your awareness of life’s incredible magic.
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