Uplifted by God’s creation, our products are a way to try and give thanks for the world around us. Each style and season represent a different time in the earth’s dutiful passage through the present year. Moment after moment, we move in tune to nature’s miracle of transformation, highlighting all the natural and beautiful features along the way.

Just as God’s world is filled with moving parts as a sum of its whole, so are our carefully crafted decorations. Every one of our products has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, striving to capture just a small amount of the magic that exudes from life. Our mission is devoted to praising God’s masterpiece as we strive to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature and it’s interconnectedness with humanity.

4 Seasons, 4 lanterns, 4 breathtaking landscapes. Our lanterns allow you to surround and immerse yourself in nature without leaving your home. Dwell in the splendor of captivating colors and exquisite beauty, all working in harmony with one another. Rediscover our earth, allow Seasonal Spirit to bring you on a journey through our wonderful world in a celebration of life and nature.