Autumn Flurry Autumn Flurry





Introducing Autumn Flurry

Featured in this setting are the hard-working animals of the woodlands. A clever, careful fox takes inventory of his surroundings as the efficient red squirrels rest from their labor to enjoy a meal. A cascading shower of leaves fall and swirl through the wind, adding the familiar staple of Autumn and motion and interest to the scene. Autumn Flurry teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go. The falling leaves represent the beautiful and delicate cycle of life. This colorful interior epitomizes the beauty of nature and will echo this reminder throughout your home.

Gorgeous Red Fox

This curious, clever red fox comes to life inside this vibrant scene, it might just make you do a double take

Beautiful Water Pond

There can be no life on Earth without water. This streaming creek reminds us of the power of water to replenish all life.

Rocks & Acorns

This woodland forest is rich with treasures like acorns, hues of colors and rocks scattered throughout the autumn leaves.

Active Red Squirrels

Hard-working, active red squirrels search and gather fallen acorns and nuts. These beautiful creatures sit high and low amongst the scenery.

Vibrant Leaves

A canopy of autumn trees cascade hundreds of flurrying leaves. Brilliant shades of red, yellow, and oranges create a bold glimpse of what Autumn looks like.

The centerpiece of any room its displayed, Autumn Flurry is unlike any decoration you’ve seen or felt. The burst of colorful blooms will truly feel like you have captured Autumn in a bottle. 

The Centerpiece Of The Room

Lantern Specs & Features

Autumn is a time for change