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Featured in this setting are the hard-working animals of the woodlands. A clever, careful fox takes inventory of his surroundings as the efficient red squirrels rest from their labor to enjoy a meal. A cascading shower of leaves fall and swirl through the wind, adding the familiar staple of Autumn and motion and interest to the scene. Autumn Flurry teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go. The falling leaves represent the beautiful and delicate cycle of life. This colorful interior epitomizes the beauty of nature and will echo this reminder throughout your home.

A Magical & Unique Home Ornament

With uncompromising quality, every lantern has been made from high-grade materials, designed to last.Each feature has been designed with an incredible degree of accuracy and realism, adding to the authenticity you will find with all our products and exclusive to our lineup. A great gift, this lantern isn’t just an attractive decoration, but its also versatile. In addition to becoming the focal point in any room, it’s also a great source of illumination. If you want magic and lighting that will add a festive ambiance to your home, look no further.

The Centerpiece Of The Room

This ornament will steal the show. An immersive experience that will capture the imagination of adults and children alike. Ideal for all ages, this is a charming piece will attract attention wherever you put it in the house.

A Welcoming For Guests

As well as displaying a stunning, magical scene, the lantern is also a good source of illumination. Perfect for providing soft light and, a gentle ambiance that exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness.

3-D Replica Pop Up Card

Each lantern comes with a whimsical 3-D pop up card, that has intricate art depicting every lantern season we sell. The card has a slide out insert where you can hand write your personal message. Send along your wishes and spread the Seasonal Spirit to your friends and family.
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Autumn is a time for change.

Bring your house to life with Autumn Flurry

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