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Spring Renewal


A beautiful cherry blossom tree stands front in center in this vivid cheerful scene. A young baby deer grazes in serenity as a mother robin tends and cares for her nest. An assortment of colorful butterflies flutter and dance as they stretch their wings in this lively scene. Spring Renewal will remind you of the gift of life. This inspiring setting has an interesting way of restoring your faith. Characterized by uplifting colors, this soulful lantern will delight the eye and be a great addition to a home that strives to appreciate the miracle of life.

With uncompromising quality, every lantern has been made from high-grade materials, designed to last. Each feature has been designed with an incredible degree of accuracy and realism, adding to the authenticity you will find with all our products and exclusive to our lineup. A great gift, this lantern isn’t just an attractive decoration, but its also versatile. In addition to becoming the focal point in any room, it’s also a great source of illumination. If you want magic and lighting that will add a festive ambiance to your home, look no further.


Sustainable Materials:
Built with carbon fiber, glass and anodized aluminum.

TouchTone LED's:
Easily turn on/off by touch. Dim or increase lighting for the perfect ambience.

Hang Or Sit:
Can Hang or Sit

21 in. H x 11 in. W



3.5 lbs

A Magical & Unique Home Ornament

An Immersive Experience

Large 360 Viewing

Soft LED Lighting

TouchTone On/Off

Mother & Baby Deer

A mother and fawn deer display the unbreakable bond between mother and baby. A beautiful reminder of love and care in a world that was created good.

Beautiful Water Creek

There can be no life on Earth without water. The spring creek in this scene reminds us of the power of water to replenish all life.

Sunflowers & Life

Spring unlocks the flowers and paints a smile on our earth. A bright yellow sunflower is nature’s way of saying; have a beautiful day!

Patient Mother Robin

A little robin sits upon a tree and basks in the colorful blooms. With delight they open their beaks and joyfully sing to welcome Spring.

Bright Butterflies

Butterflies will flutter with their lovely colors and catch your eye. You’ll find solitude and tranquility as you enjoy this lively scene.

Touchtone Dimming

Versatile and easy to use touch control. One button controls the on-Off power and the lighting mode you wish to enjoy.

The Centerpiece Of The Room

This ornament will steal the show. An immersive experience that will capture the imagination of adults and children alike. Ideal for all ages, this is a charming piece will attract attention wherever you put it in the house.

Spring is a time for renewal.

Bring your house to life with Spring Renewal