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Introducing Summer Dream

On this starry night, a slumbering brown bear drifts in and out of a tranquil sleep, as a watchful owl, perched on an oak tree, scans the moonlit grassy field. Guided by the soft amber light rays, the magnificent light show of our fireflies exudes a dreamy glow of movement. Summer Dream will retell the story of life’s mysteries. This attractive decoration is not just an ornament, but also an engaging and diverting trip into the other-worldly atmosphere and splendor of a summer night. This lantern was meticulously crafted to achieve harmony and be a treasured family keepsake.

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Sleepy Brown Bear

A sleepy brown bear lounges on an old tree trunk, overlooking the water creek, and absorbing the goodness of a beautiful night.

Beautiful Water Creek

There can be no life on Earth without water. This streaming creek reminds us of the power of water to replenish all life.

A Full Moon

A full moon shines brightly, suspended above the forest glade. Softly guiding our evening creatures, a full moon on a summer night brings happiness.

Watchful Great Horned Owl

High atop the trees sits an alert owl. Carefully surveying the night and keeping an eye on everything that is unfolding.

Blinking Fireflies

A magnificent light show performed by our incredible creatures will usher in a soothing ambience that will put you in peaceful state of mind.

The centerpiece of any room its displayed, Summer Dream is unlike any decoration you’ve seen or felt. The soft glow of a beautiful moonlight will truly feel like you have captured Summer in a bottle. 

The Centerpiece Of The Room

Lantern Specs & Features

Summer is a time for harmony