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Winter Tale


This one-of-a-kind magical moment features a peaceful reindeer and a scarlet red cardinal living in harmony, sure to captivate the imagination of adults and children alike. The beautiful weeping willow tree provides coverage and beauty, adding a wonderful touch to this animated snowy scene. Winter Tale stands true to its title. This mesmerizing scene will bring your heart peace and attract attention wherever you display it in your home. Our lantern is beautifully crafted, resulting in a captivating ornament that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Air Only:
Our lantern has NO water. Only circulating air.


Sustainable Materials:
Built with carbon fiber, glass and anodized aluminum.


TouchTone LED's:
Easily turn on/off by touch. Dim or increase lighting for the perfect ambience.


Hang Or Sit:
Can Hang or Sit

19 in. H x 11 in. W


3.5 lbs

A Magical & Unique Home Ornament

An Immersive Experience

Large 360 Viewing

Soft LED Lighting

TouchTone On/Off

Perfect For Gifting

Gorgeous Caribou Reindeer

A long-lasting presence in our holidays, in this snowy scene we have a lifelike caribou reindeer in a land of blanketed snow.

Beautiful Water Creek

There can be no life on Earth without water. The icy creek in this scene reminds us of the power of water to replenish all life.

Hoof-Prints & Pinecones

Scattered in the blanket of snow is a trail of hoof-prints and pinecones, encasing the realism you will find in this snowy world.

Vibrant Red Cardinal

Unlike many birds, red cardinals do not migrate during winter seasons. Find this vibrant beauty sitting on a tree looking over a field of snow. 

Magical Snowflakes

Physical snowflakes fall gently in this winter wonderland. Soothing and relaxing, the magic of a winter snowfall has been captured to enjoy over and over.

Touchtone Dimming

Versatile and easy to use touch control. One button controls the On-Off power and the lighting mode you wish to enjoy

Performance & Nightlight Mode

This ornament has 2 modes: The first has bright white LED lights and falling snow. The second is a soft yellow amber with no falling snow. A good source of illumination, this gentle ambiance exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness.

The Centerpiece Of Any Room

This ornament will steal the show. An immersive experience that will capture the imagination of adults and children alike. Ideal for all ages, this is a charming piece that will attract attention wherever you put it in the house.

Winter is a time for rest.

Bring your house to life with Winter Tale